Pricing and Other Information

These are basic descriptions, please contact me to discuss details

 Individual or Family Session

1-2 hours
An online gallery will be created for you to view, share and order your photos within 7 days.

Option One - 75.00 
Your photos will be edited, retouched and displayed in a gallery from which you choose images to print.
You are free to order as few or as many prints as you wish, and pay on a per print basis.
This is a good option if you only wanted a few prints from your session.

Option Two - 250.00
Your photos will be edited, retouched and displayed in a gallery from which you may order prints if you choose.
High resolution files of your finished images will be supplied on a disc along with a print release, allowing you to choose your own print source.
Also included will be low resolution versions of the images which are great for emailing and sharing on social media.
Most importantly, this option gives you an archival copy of the images to keep forever.


To tell the whole story of this most special day, I will start photographing as early as you wish and continue until you depart after your ceremony.
There is no time limit.
An online gallery will be available for viewing and ordering of prints within 30 days.
I like things simple, so no complicated package decisions to worry about - one flat fee of $1000 and you get everything.
(Everything means all of your digital files on a disc with a print release allowing you to print your photos anywhere in any size and any number of prints forever)

Video - Already have a photographer? How about a video of your day? It's great fun to watch your event years later and relive all the sights and sounds from your special day. - 750.00
(Note: video would be instead of photography, not in addition to, I can't do both at the same time!)

Don't like these ideas? Tell me what you want and we can create a custom package together.

Other Photography and Services

I am also available to photograph your class reunion, family reunion or other event.

Got a child in sports? Let's talk about getting some action shots during the game!

I know, I know... you've just got back from vacation and you've got a ton of great pictures you want to show all your friends! How about having them made into
a slideshow with music of your choice on DVD? It really is the most entertaining way to share your photos with others. Also, a great way to preserve the memories for years to come.
Pricing is based on number of photos included, contact me for more information and copyright stipulations.

Photo Restoration

We all have treasured family photos that are very special to us. Sometimes however, they may not have been cared for the way we would have liked.
Or, maybe some have been discovered tucked away in a shoe box in a relative's attic. They may be faded, torn, creased or discolored due to the effects of time.
Perhaps we can help bring some life back to these priceless heirlooms... let me share a couple of personal examples.

This is one of my favorite pictures from my childhood. It's my two sisters and me standing in front of my grandparent's store. In fact, this is one of only a handful of pictures
of my sisters and me. Back then, my family only took photographs on special occasions.

Here is the original, taken in 1964 -

Now that's really not too bad. But the original is sized about 3 x 5 inches. I decided I wanted to enlarge it to an 8x12 to display in my home.  So, I made a few improvments during the process -
Here is the restored version -

Besides general clean-up, I leveled it, improved the color and contrast and added the text along the bottom.
By the way, I intentionally left the shadow of the person near the bottom of the photograph, that's my mom taking the picture.
I've since lost my mom and dad, as well as one of my sisters, so this photo is very special to me.

Here's a more extreme example -

This is a photo of my great-grandparents and their family, my grandfather is one of the boys shown in the photo. The original is a 16x20 owned by my aunt and was framed as shown below -

I removed the photo from the frame and scanned it in sections resulting in the image below that I began work on -

I admit, this was a tough one, but after several hours' work, it ended up like this -

So, if you have some old photos you'd like to have some restoration work on, let's see what we can do!

20.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum charge. Includes creation of a digital file but does not include reprinting the image.

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